Remember those fun holiday nights sitting in front of the fireplace while the chestnuts roasted on the fire? Would you like to bring that feeling to your family? Whether you're roasting chestnuts as a holiday treat or using them in your favorite recipe, you’ll score with ease with the Jasco Chestnutter®. The Chestnutter’s® patented design allows you to prepare chestnuts with minimal effort. The Jasco Chestnutter® replaces the traditional scoring tool, the paring knife.

• No more cut fingers!
• No more dreading the chore of preparing chestnuts.
• Simply place a chestnut in the specially
designed chamber, squeeze the grips and a perfect X is
made every time.
• Requires significantly less effort to score chestnuts than
traditional methods
• Shape, grip and weight make the Chestnutter® easy to
hold and use
• Attractive, state of the art design
• Safe and easy to use

Chestnuts are delicious and nutritious!
Unlike other nuts, chestnuts are high in water content (50%) and virtually fat free. Chestnuts are a complex carbohydrate food containing high quality protein, comparable to eggs.

• Gluten free
• Cholesterol free
• Low in fat
• Only 54 calories / ounce

Chestnuts have as much ascorbic acid as an equal weight of lemons. Chestnuts are a good source of Vitamin E, Thiamine, Vitamin B-6, Folate, Potassium and Magnesium.

• A delicious health food!
• Now easier than ever to prepare!

What is the Chestnutter®?
The Chestnutter® is the remarkable new tool developed by Jasco, Inc., used to cut chestnuts to make them ready for preparation.

Why use the Chestnutter®?
In order to prepare a chestnut, you must first pierce the shell to create a steam vent. The traditional way to do this is to use a sharp paring knife to make an X in the shell. This old fashioned method is time consuming, tedious, and dangerous. The Chestnutter® is an innovative, efficient, safe and highly superior solution to the outdated method of chestnut preparation.

How do you use the Chestnutter®?
Using the Chestnutter® is as easy as 1-2-3.
1) Lift the two top arms
2) Insert the Chestnut into bowl
3) Drop the two arms piercing the chestnut with the stainless steel blade creating a perfect X every time

Where can I buy the Chestnutter®?
Jasco, Inc. is the only company with the rights to sell the patented Chestnutter® . It is currently available in specialty houseware stores nationwide and through this website using Paypal. Click the button below to purchase the Chestnutter.

Where can I buy Replacement Blades?
Jasco offers offers Replacement Blades sold in sets of 2. Click the button below to purchase additional blades.

How can I contact Jasco, Inc.?